Inside Me

in collaboration with the Compagnie Désuète 2018
project drawings for a participatory exhibition created in May 2018 in Corbeil-Essonnes by the Compagnie Desuète parallel to the show Inside my body (Dedans mon corps)  Design by Aurélie Galibourg and Sènga la Rouge
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Drawings for the participatory exhibition Inside Me (En dedans de moi) around the theme of the anatomical and physiological perception of the body.
Several wood silhouettes, 1,50 m tall, and a series of magnetized drawings (abstract or figurative) are offered to the public. Each one is invited to create its own perceived self-portrait by putting on the silhouette the drawings of its choice. A knot may express an issue or a strength, a snake may express energy or a feeling of vulnerability, a landscape covered with snow may express a feeling of freedom or a secret…